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The steel generally used in R.C.C. work, is

[A]. stainless
[B]. mildsteel
[C]. high carbon steel
[D]. high tension steel.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Raj said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
Why the answer is not high tension steel?

Indrajit said: (Nov 7, 2016)  
High carbon steel is the correct answer.

Birhan said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
The answer is high tension steel.

Demiss Teklew said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
High tension steel is correct.

Kim Min Ho said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
Mildsteel is the answer.

Kuldeep Bisht said: (Feb 26, 2019)  
We used the mostly HYSD bar for RCC work, and there is HYSD bar have maximun carbon content.

So the option " C " should be the right answer.

Ripon said: (Jul 16, 2019)  
It's mild steel. I agree with the given answer.

Santosh said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
It is as per IS:432.

Pankaj said: (May 13, 2020)  
Mild steel is used to avoid brittle failure.

Vikky said: (Sep 9, 2021)  
High corbon steel used in railway sleepers.

Sachin said: (Jun 27, 2022)  
High-tension steel is the correct answer.

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