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Cantilever retaining walls can safely be used for a height not more than
3 m
4 m
5 m
6 m
8 m
Answer: Option
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Mausami.nandi said:   1 year ago
Cantilever retaining wall restrict up to 6 m ht.

So, option C is correct. Whereas counterfort retaining walls of more than 6m.

Syed Adnan Aqib said:   3 years ago
We have gone through extensive structural design exercise for waste water treatment plants where cantilever retaining walls are mostly encountered. We found cantilever retaining walls economical upto 20' (6m). Above 6m, wall gets uneconomical.

Gambhir rwt said:   3 years ago
Cantilever height not more than 6m.

Raj Khichar said:   4 years ago
The correct answer is 6m.

Bahre Kamal said:   4 years ago
Cantilever retaining wall economical for heights 6 - 7.5 m small to moderate height. So according to question 8 m correct.

Sumanta said:   5 years ago
Cantilever retaining wall above 8m its un economical.

Gautam said:   5 years ago
As per my knowledge; D is correct.

Cantilever retaining wall economical for hights 6-7.5 m small to moderate height. So a/c to question 8 m correct.

Rajpal yadav said:   6 years ago
D is the correct answer.

Ajay said:   7 years ago
Retaning wall not more 6m.

Gee kay Arun said:   7 years ago
When the height of the cantilever retaining wall is more than about 7m, it is economical to provide vertical.

Bracing system known as counter forts. So Answer D 6m.

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