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A pile of length L carrying a uniformly distributed load W per metre length is suspended at the centre and from other two points 0.15 L from either end ; the maximum hogging moment will be
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B. Singh said:   2 years ago
1. The pile is suspended at one point, max moment = wL^2/28.
2. The pile is suspended at two-point, max moment = wL^2/47.
3. The pile is suspended at three-point, max moment = wL^2/90.

Sivakumar sagiraju said:   3 years ago
The pile suspended in three points at 0.15L from two ends and in the middle of the beam 0.5L.
From 0L to 0.15L the beam is overhanging and also from 0.85L to L.

The overhanging beam have hogging moment,

= 0.15WL*(0.15/2) * L = 0.01125 = WL2/90.

Manvendra said:   4 years ago
Can anyone explain the solution clearly?

Nav~ said:   4 years ago
Pile suspended at one point, max moment = wL^2/8.

Vinit Saraf said:   5 years ago
Pile suspended at one point, Max Moment = wL^2/28.
Pile suspended at two points, Max Moment = wL^2/47.
Pile suspended at three points, max Moment = wL^2/90.

Nayan ahir said:   7 years ago
When the pile is suspended at three points, the max bending moment is =wL^2/90.

In this case , the bending moment will be least when the end point are located at a distance of 0.15L from the corresponding ends. (Applied this vice versa).

ABDUL SOVAN KHAN said:   8 years ago
How the problem solve?

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