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For a number of columns constructed in a rcjw, the type of foundation provided, is
a combination of the above.
Answer: Option
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John Rambo said:   3 years ago
@Rohan Mukherjee.

It's not rcjw, it's row.

Masroor ali said:   4 years ago
Strap or cantilever footing for two or more columns.

Strip or continuous footing for number of columns in a row.

Rohan Mukherjee said:   4 years ago
I think its row! not rcjw!

What is rcjw? Please explain to me.

Akshay said:   5 years ago
Raft: foundation connects a large no. Of columns covering the entire area of a building in some cases.

Strap: the foundation is used to connect two or more columns or in isolated cases.

Strip: the foundation is used to connect a large no. Of closely spaced columns in a raw.

Footing: is not anything than a fourth option.

Vicky said:   6 years ago
Should we call it combined footing? because it is mentioned numbers of columns.

Kamlesh said:   6 years ago
It's row not rcjw.

Garry said:   7 years ago
rcjw what is this footing actually? please explain me.

Lokesh said:   7 years ago
Please tell a full form of the footing.

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