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The thickness of the topping of a ribbed slab, varies between
3 cm to 5 cm
5 cm to 8 cm
8 cm to 10 cm
12 cm to 15 cm
12 cm to 18 cm
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Charitha said:   4 years ago
Explain it, please.

Alpesh k mali said:   1 year ago
Ribbed slab is a structural component which is plain on its top and contains grid like system on its bottom surface. The top of ribbed slab is normally thin and the bottom grid lines are generally ribs which are laid perpendicular to each other with equal depth.

It is special type slab and beam system in which slab, which is called topping is very thin (50 mm to 100 mm) and the beam, which is called rib are very slender and closely spaced (less than 1. 5 m apart).

In ribbed slab system, the thickness of floor slab generally varies from 100 mm - 200 mm.

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