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If the ratio of the span to the overall depth does not exceed 10, the stiffness of the beam will ordinarily be satisfactory in case of a
simply supported beam
continuous beam
cantilever beam
none of these.
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Nabin said:   2 years ago
For slab span to the overall depth of the cantilever slab should not exceed 12 IS

Saif khan said:   2 years ago
@Zahid For Cantilever max. limit is 7.

For SS max. limit is 20,
For continuous mac. limit is 26,
For all length is less than 10m.

Zahid Hamews said:   2 years ago
For Cantilever beam its between 7 to 20,

For simply supported beam - Between 20 to 26,

And for Continous Beam its > 26.

Nimish said:   3 years ago

Then also the answer should be both A and B because 10 is also less than 12.

Punit said:   4 years ago

It is asked as "not exceed"; it means 7 is less than 10, therefore, the answer is C.

Abhishek said:   5 years ago
Answer should be both A and B as for cantilever maximum value of the ratio is 7.

Chhaya said:   6 years ago
Span/ Eff Depth Ratio.

Cantilever = 7.
Simply = 20.
Continuous = 26.
As per IS 456.

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