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Thickened part of a flat slab over its supporting column, is technically known as

[A]. drop panel
[B]. capital
[C]. column head
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Channabasayya said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
The drop panel which is combining in the flat slab.

Umasentil said: (Jun 17, 2015)  
Capital refers to?

Piyush Singh said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
Drop panel is used for resisting high shear at the column, drop panels have thickness more than the slab thickness and they are mostly used when the span is large or shear load is high.

While column capital is the upper head of the column which is thickened to reduce the punching shear on the column, column capital also reduces the clear span.

Enamul Haque said: (May 31, 2016)  
Which one is the correct answer option A or B?

Mohammad Aftab said: (Jun 19, 2016)  
@Enamul Haque.

Drop panel A is the correct one.

Amol said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Drop panel is the correct answer. Thanks for the explanation @Piyush Singh.

Er Amit Kotwal said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
Yes, Drop pannel is the right answer.

Er Amit Kotwal said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
Yes, Drop pannel is the right answer.

Er. Santosh said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
Drop pannel is the right answer. I agree.

Sanjib said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
What is the different between capital and column head?

Stalin said: (Jul 5, 2018)  
They Both are same. @Sanjib.

Engr Omid said: (Dec 12, 2019)  
Drop panel is a increased thickness of slab over the column ,for the purpose of to resist shear..

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