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Enlarged head of a supporting column of a flat slabs is technically .known as
supporting end of the column
top of the column
drop panel
none of these.
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Faraz Ali said:   2 years ago
It also called column head.

Sahil Chavda said:   4 years ago
Thickness part of a flat slab its supporting column is called drop panel.

Enlarged head of a supporting column is called capital.

Aaron said:   4 years ago
It is Capital. Drop panel are of rectangular shape just supported above the Capital. Capital is the enlarged shape to support drop panel.

Manish said:   6 years ago
Capital means?

Chuti said:   6 years ago
The Right answer is Column head.

Rahul upadhyay said:   7 years ago
No, because drop panel is Thickened part of a flat slab over its supporting column. Not enlarged part of the column.

Sushant said:   7 years ago
I think drop panel answer is correct please explain.

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