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If the sides of a slab simply supported on edges and spanning in two directions are equal, the maximum bending moment is multiplied by
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Abbas malla said:   2 years ago
Option d.


Since the case is that of a simply supported slab so using the RANKINE GRASHOFF theory we have maximum short span moment = (r^4/ (1+r^4) x (wl^2/8). Here the term wl^2/8 is actually the maximum moment since both the spans are the same.

So the coefficient of this maximum moment =r^4/ (1+r^4), putting the value of r=1 (coz both the spans are same) we get;

1^4/ (1+1^4) = 1/2=0.5.

Hence the answer is 0.5 which is multiplied to the maximum bending moment.

Rahul Upadhyay said:   5 years ago
Moment is transfered in two direction because slab is two dimentional, so that can be treated as half in one direction.

Pakkirappa said:   5 years ago
Maximum bending moment at the center i.e L/2.

VISHU SINGH said:   6 years ago
How? Explain.

Ganeehs said:   7 years ago
Applying the correction factor as from Marcus method. It give the answer.

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