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The maximum shear stress (qmax) in a rectangular beam is
1.25 times the average
1.50 times the average
1.75 times the average
2.0 times the average
2.5 times the average.
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Ceevi said:   4 years ago
According to shear stress distribution.
Shear stress=FAY/I.
Shear stress=6F/bd3(d2/4-y2).

At y=0 shear stress is maximum,
= 3/2*F/bd,
=3/2 avg shear stress.

Zeleke gebeyehu said:   5 years ago
Yes, For rectangular 3/2 or 1.5.

For circle 4/3 or 1.33.

Vinod said:   9 years ago
For rectangular 3/2 or 1.5.

For circle 4/3 or 1.33.

Ramvir said:   5 years ago
Can anybody explain it in details here?

Manish Sahu said:   7 years ago
Where it is mentioned?

Describe it.

Gowthame said:   5 years ago
Yes, it is 1.5 for a rectangle.

Abdulr said:   3 years ago
Thank you @Ceevi.

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