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In Montague type fall
a straight glacis is provided
a circular glacis is provided
a parabolic glacis is provided
no glacis is provided.
Answer: Option
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Vala said:   2 years ago
Thanks for explaining @Chintu.

Govind said:   4 years ago
Thanks for explaining @Chintu.

Papaki said:   4 years ago
Thanks for explaining @Chintu.

Hayat said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Chintu.

Chinti said:   6 years ago
Thanks. @Chintu.

Chintu said:   7 years ago
Montage fall is similar to straight glacis fall but in this case the glacis is not straight. It is provided in parabolic shape to introduce the vertical component of velocity which improves the energy dissipation to more extent.

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