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If A is the area of the surface, x is the depth of its C.G. from the surface of the water and ω is the density of water, then

[A]. total pressure on the surface is equal to ω x
[B]. depth of the point at which total pressure acts is equal to its moment of inertia divided by A x
[C]. depth of the centre of pressure is 2/3H vertically below the surface
[D]. all the above.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Digvijay said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
I think Only option C is correct.

Ambi said: (Mar 18, 2019)  
I think only A is correct.

Hp = H'+I Sin^2($) /AH.

Akshay Rana said: (Feb 27, 2021)  
Only C is correct.
As total pressure= ρ*g*h'*A.
And centre of pressure = (Icg/Ah')+h'.

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