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If the straight sides of a triangular section of a lined canal with circular bottom of radius D, make an angle θ with horizontal, the hydraulic mean depth is

[A]. D
[B]. D/2
[C]. D/3
[D]. D/4
[E]. D/5

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Narender Kumar said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
l think the option D is the right.
m = d/4 in circular.

Shiva said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
Correct answer is D/4.

Nayan Ahir said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
It's for diameter. In this case, the radius is D.

Partho Kole said: (Mar 15, 2018)  
D/2 is the right answer here.

In this question, the radius is indicated by 'D', so don't take it as a diameter. Hydraulic mean radius is defined by the ratio of Area by the perimeter, if you put the right relation in between, you will definitely see the answer comes to D/2.

Dhananjay said: (Mar 3, 2019)  
Yes, you are Right @Partho.

Kajal Tomar said: (Oct 16, 2019)  
Actually it is irrigation canal having triangular sides and circular bottom and for such canal:-

A = D"2 ( @ + cot@ )...........(1).
P = 2D ( @ + cot@ )..................(2).
therefore R = A/P = (1)/(2) = D/2.

So option B is correct

Ajay Kumar Yadav said: (Sep 4, 2021)  
D/2 is the correct answer.

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