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An orifice is taken as large if
(H2 - H1) > H
(H2 - H1) > H/4
(H2 - H1) > H/2
(H2 - H1) > H/3
Answer: Option
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Nikitha said:   10 months ago
1. Head is less than 5 times the depth is called large.

2. Head is more than 5 times the depth is called a small orifice.

Neeraj said:   6 years ago
If the head of the liquid from the centre of the orifice is more than five times the depth of the orifice, the orifice is called small orifice. And if the head of the liquid is less than five times the depth of orifice, it is known as a large orifice.

Sureshchandra said:   6 years ago
H<2D FOR big orifice.
H>2D SMALL orifice.

Bhrugu said:   6 years ago
H<5d, for large orifice. d=depth of orifice(h2-h1).

So ans is h2-h1> H/5. Here not given.

Junjan said:   6 years ago
I agree @Roy.

Satish Verma said:   6 years ago
According to me, C is correct.

Roy said:   6 years ago
Head of the liquid (H2-H1) <5 D, where D is the depth of orifice.

ANAND KUMAR said:   6 years ago
How? Explain.

Alia said:   7 years ago
Here what is H1, H2 and H? please someone tell me.

Makar said:   7 years ago
Why is the Option D correct?

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