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The ratio of the percentagge error in the discharge and percentage error in the measurement of head over a triangular notch, is
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Prabin said:   2 years ago
For 1 Per measurement error in triangular notch 2.5 per error in discharge occurs.

So 2.5/1=2.5.

Shiva said:   2 years ago
Rectangle : 3/2.

Triangle : 5/2.

Basem said:   4 years ago
I can't understand this, Please explain.

Ravi said:   4 years ago
I can't understand, Please explain.

Deepak said:   4 years ago
How it is? Please explain.

Basavaraj said:   4 years ago
For rectangular 1.5.
For triangular 2.5.

Jahnavi said:   5 years ago
I can't understand it. Can you please explain it in detail?

Jahid Mazumder said:   5 years ago
3/2 for rectangular.

Makar said:   6 years ago
Why not option b?

Pappa said:   8 years ago
Discharge over triangular notch (Q) = 8/15*Cd*tan@/2*sqrt2g*H^5/2.

Therefore, dQ/Q = 5/2*dH/H.

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