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Time of emptying liquid from a hemispherical vessel through an orifice at its bottom, is


Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Xyz said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
Please explain it.

Jaydatt said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
It should be R^(5/2).

Kr Sheela said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
Please explain the answer.

Sangeeta said: (Jul 20, 2018)  
Please expain it.

Shivakumar said: (Sep 8, 2018)  
It should be R^5/2.

Jinish said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
An orifice is used to control pressure or flow so to emptying the hemispherical vessel through orifice answer is D.

Jinish said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
R^2/3 is okay but when the radius of the Hemi vessel and depth H is given at that time, in formula R^3/2-R^5/2 is used instead of R^3/2.

Arvind Kumar Chaudhary said: (Jan 10, 2020)  
Here it is considered unit hight of the hemisphere.

Khemraj Sahu said: (Jun 27, 2020)  
Please explain this answer.

Pkota said: (Apr 8, 2021)  
Answer will be correct only in case R = H.

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