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For the flow of liquid from an open ended tube (or nozzle) leading to the formation of spray of liquid drops, the number generally applied, is

[A]. Froude number
[B]. Weber number
[C]. Reynold number
[D]. Mach number.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Danesh said: (Jul 18, 2014)  
Liquid drop formation occurs due to surface only so its Weber Number.

Jwala said: (Oct 31, 2016)  
Weber number comes into play when two different interference occurs. Like in surface tension.

Sajjad Dewal said: (Oct 14, 2019)  
Froud inertial force to gravity.
Renold to viscosity.
Weber to surface tension.
Mach to Elasticity.
Euler to pressure.

Bis said: (Mar 22, 2021)  
Thanks all for explaining.

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