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The ratio of the inertia and gravitational force acting in any flow, ignoring other forces, is called
Euler number
Frode number
Reynold number
Weber number.
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Adeel Rehman said:   2 years ago
Reynold number = I.F/V.F.
Froude number = (I.F/G.F)^0.5.
Mach number = (I.F/E.F)^0.5.
Euler number = (I.F/P.F)^0.5.
Weber number = (I.F/S.T)^0.5.

I.F Inertia force.
V.F Viscous force.
G.F Gravity force.
E.F Elastic force.
P.F Pressure force.
S.T Surface tension.

Anil said:   6 years ago
What is the value of each?

Anurag labh said:   8 years ago
Frode number is ratio of inertia and gravitational force, Euler number is the ratio of inertia and pressure force, weber number is the ratio of inertia and surface tension, Reynolds number is the ratio of inertia and viscous force.

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