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Kinematic viscosity of liquids by equation is determined by :
Redwood viscometer
Engler viscometer
Saybolt universal viscometer
None of these.
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Lalit pathade said:   3 years ago
Engler viscometer. An instrument used in the measurement of the degree Engler, a measure of viscosity; the kinematic viscosity ν in stokes for this instrument is obtained from the equation ν = 0.00147 t- 3.74/ t, where t is the efflux time in seconds.

Abhik said:   4 years ago
Redwood Viscometer is used.

Munni said:   4 years ago
It should be V=At-B/t, where A=0.24 & B=190.

Epcet Amit said:   5 years ago
In palace of t it is A which is Saybolts constant.

Raj said:   5 years ago
What is the use of different type viscometer?

Deepla said:   6 years ago
Coreect answer is D.

Because it is a orifice type viscometer.

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