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Curves in the same direction separated by short tangents, are called

[A]. simple circular curves
[B]. compound curves
[C]. transition curves
[D]. broken-back curves.
[E]. None of these.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ravishankar said: (Apr 27, 2019)  
Reverse curve is correct I think.

Piyush Taut said: (Nov 24, 2019)  
Which one is the right answer?

Aa said: (Dec 11, 2019)  
In the past, sometimes two circular curves having their centers on the same side and connected with a shirt tangent were used for railroad traffic. Since these are not suitable for high speeds, they are not in use nowadays.

Dheeraj said: (Feb 27, 2020)  
Please explain all types of curves?

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