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The normal road width of National and State highways

[A]. is kept 45 m
[B]. in plain and rolling terrain built-up area, is 30 m
[C]. in mountainous built-up area is 20 m
[D]. All the above.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Debojyoti said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
Roadway width for plain and rolling terrain is 12m.

Puja said: (Jun 7, 2019)  
Please, anyone, explain.

Sandeep said: (Dec 29, 2019)  
Question should be land width not road width, then options will be correct.

Harsha N C said: (Aug 10, 2020)  
NH&SH: plain and rolling terrain.

Open area - 45(normal)
Built-up area - 30(normal)

Mountainous and steep terrain.
Open area - 24(normal).
Built-up area - 20(normal).

Harsha Nc said: (Aug 10, 2020)  
What is the Recommended land width for different classes of roads?

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