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If cross slope of a country is 10% to 25%, the terrain is classified as

[A]. rolling
[B]. mountainous
[C]. steep
[D]. plain.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Dileep Barnwal said: (Aug 31, 2014)  
Terrain : Cross slope of a country.

Plain : 0%-10%.

Rolling : 10%-25%.

Mountainous : 25%-60%.

Steep : >60%.

Alekhya said: (May 12, 2016)  

Thanks for the information.

Manas said: (Jun 16, 2016)  
@Dileep Barnwa.

Thanks for the general information.

Ankush said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Thanks for your explanation @Dileep.

Rajesha N C said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
Thanks for the explanation.

Haylee said: (Feb 19, 2017)  

What about ESCARPMENT Area?
Plain - 0%-5%.
Rolling - 6%-25%.
Mountainous- 26%-50%.

Jaykantariya said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Thanks @Dileep.

Khan said: (Oct 13, 2017)  
Plain terrain up to 10%.
Rolling terrain 10-25%.
Mountain 25-60%.

Sneha said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
Thanks @Dileep Barnwal.

Trident said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
Thanks @Dileep.

Abdullah Tunio said: (Sep 27, 2018)  
Thanks @Dileep.

Priyanka Shah said: (Mar 5, 2019)  
Thank you for explaining @Dileep.

Mayuri said: (Sep 3, 2019)  
Thanks @Dileep.

Asita said: (Nov 12, 2019)  
Thanks @Dileep ji.

Yogesh said: (Nov 24, 2019)  
1. What is cross slope of the country and how one can calulate it for setting up a petrolpump?

2. It is calculated on length or breadth basis?

3. The stretch of the road may be 50 km for calculating the slope of the country for setting up a petrol pump accoding to MORT&H?

Please send me the answers fast so that it may come in work. Thanks!

Jinish said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
Cross slope in cross fall or camber which is provided for efficient drainage facilities and to improve drainage faculty of the ground.

For a setting up petrol pump you have to decide the road level and temporary benchmark after the known road level you have to give slope in such that water from the petrol pump can be easily drained away into the manhole by gravitational force and waterlogging does not occur for that you have to do a marks on the highest water logging level or flood level of the area by surveys of past 20 years flood level or waterlogging level so you can easily know the what should be the highest level of the embankment should be provided in the petrol pump area. In petrol pump, slope provided towards the road side and cross slope is provided.

Payal Balki said: (Jan 11, 2020)  
Plain < 8%.
Rolling 8% to 15%.
mountainous > 15%.
Steep >60%.

Jeet said: (Feb 23, 2020)  
Plain : 0%-10%.

Rolling : 10%-25%.

Mountainous : 25%-60%.

Steep : >60%.

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