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Round-abouts are not suitable if number of vehicles exceed
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Sahil chandel said:   3 years ago
5000 is the correct option.

Eklavya said:   3 years ago
The earlier data was a max of 3000 vph but now has changed to 5000 vph.

Anirban Roy said:   4 years ago
If round abouts and rotary are same then it can handle traffic min 500 vehicle/hr to a max of 5000 vehicle/hr.

Viru kapoor said:   6 years ago
After this limit, traffic signals should be provided.

Pakkirappa said:   6 years ago
Round-about means rotary or traffic circle or islands.

Papai said:   7 years ago
Traffic Totary called Round About.

Pavitra rai said:   7 years ago
Round abouts means rotatably it is designed for mini traffic 500 veh/hr and max 3000 veh/hr.

Jeevitha said:   7 years ago
What is mean by round abouts?

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