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Maximum number of passenger cars that can pass a given point on a road during one hour under the most ideal road way and traffic conditions, is known as

[A]. traffic density
[B]. basic capacity of traffic lane
[C]. possible capacity of traffic lane
[D]. all the above.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Bikash Kabiraj said: (Apr 30, 2017)  
Vehicles-practical capacity of a lane, passengers car-basic capacity of the traffic lane.

Viru Kapoor said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
If vehicle than it is called as practical capacity.

Augustine said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
Option C will be correct answer.

Opsc Aee said: (Dec 2, 2019)  
Ideal - Basic capacity.
Prevailing - Possible capacity.
Unreasonable - Practical capacity.

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