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If d is the thickness of a concrete pavement, the equivalent radius b of resisting section for an interior loading, is
b = 0.6 + d2 - 0.675 d
b = 1.6 + d2 + 0.675 d
b = 1.6 + d2 - 3.675 d
b = 1.6 + d2 - 0.675 d
Answer: Option
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Pavan kumar said:   5 years ago
it should be given,
b = √(1.6a^2+d^2) -0.675d
When a< 1.724d only,
if a> 1.724d then b=a.

Susan Rose said:   7 years ago
You are right @Kumar Vikram.

Kumar vikram said:   1 decade ago
It should be 1.6a^2 in option D then only it would be correct, also there are various conditions for that like it is possible only in case when a<1.724d. where a is wheel radius.

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