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According to IRC : 52-1973, for a single lane National Highway in hilly region,
width of the carriageway must be 3.75 m
shoulders on either side must be 1.25 m
total width of the road-way must be 6.25 m
total of the above.
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Asoke said:   8 months ago
The total width of the carriageway for a single lane is 3.75 (NH/SH), Minimum shoulder to be provided is 1.25 on each side.
Thus total width will be ( 2S+carriage way)={(2×1.25)+3.75} = 6.25m.
Hence, D is the correct answer.

Navab said:   3 years ago
As per IRC:

The total width of carriage way for single lane is 3.75 (NH/SH), for two-lane its 7.0, for multi-lane its 3.50/lane.

For MDR /ODR : 3.50, for two LANE 5.5,
for VR: 3.0.
So, option A is correct.

Olau said:   5 years ago
Answer D is correct. I agree with the given answer.

Aadarsh said:   6 years ago
For plane 7.9m (3.6+3.6+ 0.7) is 7.9.
For hills 6.25m (3.75+3.75+1.25).

Ramya said:   6 years ago
Which is the correct option? Please explain me.

Abhi said:   6 years ago
IRC suggested as the roadway width for mountainous and steep terrain for NH single lane road is 6.25.

So, ans C is correct.

Andal said:   7 years ago
Option D is correct.

In Mountainous and Steep terrain the total width of Road way or Formation width = 3.75 ( for plain terrain ) + both sides shoulders of 1.25m = 3.75 + 2*1.25 = 6.25m.

Apoorc said:   7 years ago
I think its 12 mtr Recommend by Irc For NH.

GOPINATH said:   7 years ago
I think the answer is only A.

Ekpe omini said:   8 years ago
Then what is the total width?

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