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For a vehicle moving with a speed of 80 km per hour, the brake reaction time, in ordinary cases, is

[A]. 1 sec
[B]. 1.5 sec
[C]. 2.0 sec
[D]. 2.5 sec
[E]. 3.0 sec

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Bikash Kabiraj said: (May 15, 2017)  
Upto 45------3sec.

Rajib Ghosh said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Brake reaction time, for80km/h = 1.5s, 64km/h = 1.75, 48km/h = 2s.

Jairam said: (Sep 28, 2018)  
IRC has recommended reaction time of the driver is 2.5 seconds.

Helen Peter said: (Jul 13, 2020)  
Agree, the Total reaction time is 2.5 sec.

Nikhil Dongre said: (Nov 6, 2020)  
Increase in speed, and the reaction time decrease.

Ajay Sharma said: (Jun 7, 2021)  
Agree, D is right.

Mohammad Umair said: (Jun 12, 2022)  
Reaction time is 2.5 sec.

So, the answer is option D.

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