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Un-factored maximum bending moments at a section of a reinforced concrete beam resulting from a frame analysis are 50, 80, 120 and 180 kNm under dead, live, wind and earthquake loads respectively. The design moment (kNm) as per IS: 456-2000 for the limit state of collapse (flexure) is
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Santosh said:   3 years ago
Thank you all.

Swar said:   5 years ago
Yes, it is a rule that wind load and earthquake loads should not be considered together.

Shakil alwar said:   6 years ago
Wind load and earthquake load not consider together.

TAPASH PAUL said:   6 years ago
Here, the seismic load is maximum w.r.t wind load, so the seismic load is considered.

Arya said:   7 years ago
Assumed as wind and earthquake forces will never act together, so seismic only considered.

Vaibhav said:   7 years ago
Is it every time possible that, wind load is always less than earthquake load?

Shail said:   8 years ago
@Mr. Anurag.

If there is seismic wave then the effect of wind is neglected, it is not optional.

Saajan said:   8 years ago
Wind load is given because this question is for GATE examination. Just for the sole purpose of creating confusion.

Anurag srivastava said:   9 years ago
Then why wind load is given when it is optional.

DileepBarnwal said:   10 years ago
Design moment = maximum of 1.2(DL + LL + EQ/WL).

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