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The group efficiency of a pile group

[A]. will be always less than 100%.
[B]. will be always greater than 100%.
[C]. may be less than 100% or more than 100%.
[D]. will be more than 100% for pile groups in cohensionless soils and less than 100% for those in cohesive soils.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Alam said: (Jan 21, 2018)  
Answer should be c.

Dolly said: (Feb 18, 2018)  
Answer is A. The efficiency of pile group is always less than 1.

ALEENA C said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
In cohesion, less soil efficiency increases due to increase in base area. While in cohesive soil surface area decreases as we consider pile in a group. Is that the reason for this?

Himani said: (Mar 25, 2018)  
A is the correct answer.

Amrutham Srikanth said: (Mar 26, 2018)  
I think C is the correct answer.

Dolly said: (Dec 13, 2018)  
Option A is correct.

Dolly said: (Dec 13, 2018)  
Option A is correct.

Harish said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
C is the correct answer.

Rajashri said: (Feb 24, 2019)  
C is the correct answer.

MAYUR SAPARIYA said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
Cohesionless soil:

Cohesive soil <100%


Vikash said: (Jan 15, 2020)  
Cohensionless soil means no friction between soil particles so easy to driven then why efficiency less than 100%.

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