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Maximum size of a fillet weld for a plate of square edge is
1.5 mm less than the thickness of the plate
one half of the thickness of the plate
thickness of the plate itself
1.5 mm more than the thickness of the plate
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Dhivya said:   1 decade ago
For rounded edge (3/4) thickness of the plate.

Kranthi kumar said:   9 years ago
For to avoid washing down of the exposed arise.

Sri said:   9 years ago
How will you get answer?

Jyothsna said:   8 years ago
Is it any specification from code book?

E.padmanaban said:   8 years ago
How to calculate the square edge?

Suresh Reddie said:   7 years ago
For square edges, fillet weld size should be 1.5mm less than the thickness of the plate.

Asaithambi said:   7 years ago
It is considering shape.

i) Square = 1.5mm less than thickness of plate.
ii) Round = 0.75mm.

Suman said:   7 years ago
But how? Can anyone explain it?

Rahul g3016 said:   7 years ago
How to get the answer? Explain this.

Dev said:   7 years ago
When less nominal diameter of rivet we add 1.5mm (20mm) but more then20mm for 2.5mm sum.

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