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The treatment that should be given to the water from a deep tube well is :
pre-settling only
coagulation and flocculation only
filtration only
disinfection only
Answer: Option
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Jitendra kumar jena said:   1 year ago
As the water comes from deep earth strata we don't need to filter it as there will be fewer coagulated particles and also we don't need to add flocculent, but it contains multivalent cations so we, may need to aerate but we can use this water by only disinfecting it.

Ami said:   1 decade ago
As water in deep tube well reaches after seepage passing through pores. Hence it contains less suspended particles. But it may contain pathogens therefore disinfection is required.

Mahendra said:   9 years ago
Water in deep tube well contains less suspended particles. But it may contain pathogens so disinfection is required.

Akshay Anchekar said:   5 years ago

In different layers of soil of some type contain many pathogenic particles like fluorides etc.

Ananya said:   6 years ago
It passes through various layers of strata it gets disinfected.

Mrgsh said:   8 years ago
Disinfection is must because we don't want to take the risk.

IQBAL SINGH said:   9 years ago
Deep water also contain dissolved impurities like iron etc.

Venkatesh said:   7 years ago
Water in a deep level the suspended particles and to more.

Kranthi kumar said:   9 years ago
Water in deep is mixing of rocky chemical substance.

Krishna salunke said:   4 years ago
To destroy pathogens disinfection necessary.

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