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The effective length of a circular electric pole of length L and constant diameters erected on ground is,

[A]. 0.80 L
[B]. 1.20 L
[C]. 1.50 L
[D]. 2.00 L

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Dhana said: (Oct 18, 2018)  
How it will come? Explain the answer.

Swar said: (Dec 17, 2018)  
An Electric pole is an example for cantilever end type of column. i.e.fixed at one end and loaded at other ends. As per IS 456:2000 for this type of end condition eff L=2L.

Yogesh Goyal said: (Aug 18, 2020)  
When the upper end of a pole connected with wire than pole assumed hinged at one end so effective length will 0.8 * l.

I am correct or wrong?

Kramesh Kalawat said: (Oct 16, 2020)  
Wire doesn't support to pole by hinge, so plole will be act as cantilever column.
So it's effective length will be 2l.

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