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Pick up the incorrect statement regarding a master trap from the following :

[A]. It is provided in between the lower end of the house drain and the street sewer
[B]. It is provided a cleaning eye at the top of the trap
[C]. The height of fresh air inlet pipe fixed vertically with wall is 3 m
[D]. The mica flap valve which opens inwards only, is fitted at the top of the inlet pipe
[E]. The water seal is less than that of ordinary traps.

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Sameer Kashmiri said: (Dec 15, 2014)  
Without water seal the trap is fail. So for every trap PQS the seal is same and important.

Janeman Gulati said: (Sep 6, 2016)  
What is water seal?

Uma said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
Liquid trap seal in plumbing traps or waterproofing--water seal.

Sindhu said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
What is master trap? anybody explain,

Pavanrk25 said: (May 18, 2018)  
Seal always take 60-70mm.

Pavanrk25 said: (May 18, 2018)  
Water seal provides to avoid foul gases enter in the house through the sewer pipe.

Hisham said: (Feb 22, 2020)  
The water seal is more in the intercepting trap. Usually 10cm. Others are 7.5cm.

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