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The most popular type of organisation used for Civil Engineering Constructions, is

[A]. line organisation
[B]. line and staff organisation
[C]. functional organisation
[D]. effective organisation.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ranjeet said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Option A is correct.

Pramil said: (Sep 8, 2018)  
Please explain all other options.

Rohan said: (Mar 20, 2019)  
It's Option B : Line & Staff Organisation.

1. Line Organisations:
Concentrated Hierarchy with orders being followed without question from top to bottom and no questions are asked regarding mannerism or way of the process.
Ex. Military organisations

2. Staff Organisations:
Mild hierarchy with nominal power in upper level. Mostly all collegues are equal and the nature of work involves participation from all level. Very less number of times orders are given and most of times its discussion or debate based process.

Ex. Scientific Organisation (ISRO, NASA).

3. Line & Staff Organisation :
A mix of above two, where hierarchy is present orders are also given and most of the times they are followed but if situation demands lower management can present their views and orders can be replaced.
Ex. All gov Institutions like PWD, Railways, Municipal Corporations, Private Companies.

Ginie said: (Jun 17, 2019)  
Thanks @Rohan.

Nangi Aurat said: (Jun 20, 2019)  
Thank you for sharing your valuable information @Rohan.

Arun Kumar Mangalore said: (Jun 2, 2021)  
Agree, Line organization is right.

Mjm Gcek said: (Jul 10, 2021)  
Agree with the given answer. Line organization is correct.

Mjm Gcek said: (Jul 27, 2021)  
Line organization is the correct answer.

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