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Portland pozzolana cement possesses

[A]. higher resistance to chemical attack
[B]. lower heat of hydration
[C]. lower shrinkage on drying
[D]. water tightness
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Nitya said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Option C is wrong according to G Das

Kana said: (Jun 26, 2017)  
Yeah C is wrong. Pozzalana has high shrink than OPC.

Fakaruddin Khan said: (Feb 27, 2018)  
Pozzolana reduce bleeding but increase shirnkage.

Rabindra said: (Apr 10, 2018)  
* Portland Pozzolona cement contain 20-30% of pozzolanic materials.
* Pozzolana is non-cementitious material themselves but they react with calcium hydroxide in presence of water at ordinary temperature and form compound that posses cementitious property.
* Pozzolana cement is produced either by grinding together portland cement clinker and pozzolana or by intimately or uniformly bleeding portland cement with pozzolana.

* Higher resistance to chemical attack.
* lower heat of hydration.
* lower shrinkage on drying.
* Water Tightness.
* It has the higher ultimate strength.

* As compared to OPC it attains strength slowly.
* it needs a framework to be kept for longer periods.

Hayat said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
Excellent, thanks @Rabindra.

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