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Initial setting of cement is caused due to
Tri-calcium silicate
Di-calcium silicate
Tri-calcium aluminate
Tetra calcium alumino ferrite.
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TEJAS ANIL RAKHONDE said:   4 months ago
Both C3A and C4AF are responsible for flash setting. As the proportion and rate of hydration of C4AF are more than that of C3A, C4AF is responsible for the initial setting time.

Meet said:   12 months ago
The flash setting of cement due to - C4AF,
Initial setting of cement due to - C3A.

Meaibor Hian Roy M Pdah said:   1 year ago
1. C3S - The hydrolysis of C3S is mainly responsible for 7-day strength and hardness.

2. C2S - At early ages, less than a month, C2S has little influence on strength and hardness. While after one year, its contribution to the strength and hardness is proportionately almost equal to C3S.

3. C3A - Tricalciumaluminate is responsible for the initial set, high heat of hydration and has a greater tendency to volume changes causing cracking.

4. C4AF - It is responsible for the flash set but generates less heat. It has the poorest cementing value.

Him said:   3 years ago
I'm agree with you, Thanks @Joey.

Black lover said:   3 years ago
I think option A is correct.

Priyanka said:   3 years ago
Early strength - C3S.
Early setting - C3A.

Sushant Kumar sahu said:   4 years ago
When water is added in cement, first tricalcium aluminate is reacted with water and it is responsible for initial setting of cement.

Joey said:   4 years ago
C3S - early strength.
C2S - ultimate strength.
C3A - the initial setting of cement.

Heat of hydration C3A > C3S > C4AF > C2S.

Nitesh said:   4 years ago
Hello guys, the answer is right, because C2S is responsible for early STRENGTH of cement in the INITIAL stage, in this question ask the initial setting time of cement.

Dharanidharan said:   4 years ago
Answer C is correct.

Be because.

C3s strenth property.

C3a time &hydration property.

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