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Plaster of Paris is obtained by calcining

[A]. bauxite
[B]. gypsum
[C]. kankar
[D]. lime stone
[E]. none of these.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Vrushik said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
Plaster of paris is obtained by dolomite not from gypsum.

Adnan Guru said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Gypsum plaster, or plaster of paris, is produced by heating gypsum to about 300 degrees F (150 Degrees C)

Umesh Upreti said: (Jan 19, 2017)  
I am confused with the answer. Please confirm it.

Jiren said: (Jul 21, 2017)  
Plaster of Paris is made by heating the mineral gypsum. When gypsum is heated to about 150° C it losses water and produces the powder, plaster of Paris. Hemihydrate Calcium Sulfate (2CaSO4. H2O) is commonly known as plaster of Paris. It is formed by heating gypsum.

Sahil said: (Dec 27, 2017)  
What is the answer Dolomite or Gypsum? Please give me a answer.

Drz said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
The correct answer is gypsum. I agree.

Dhiraj said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
Plaster of Paris. Mid-15c, originally it was made from the extensive gypsum deposits of Montmartre in Paris. Any of a group of gypsum cements, essentially hemihydrated calcium sulfate, a white powder that forms a paste when mixed with water and hardens into a solid, used in making casts and molds.

Balavijay said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
It's gypsum.

Yeshay Negi said: (Mar 11, 2018)  
Gypsum is correct, I agree.

Manish Thakur said: (Jun 11, 2018)  
Gypsum, is correct. I agree.

Rohan Bhatti said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Dolomite is the right answer.

Sourav said: (Aug 11, 2018)  
Why not the dolomite?

Can anyone please give me the explanation?

Talib said: (Nov 19, 2018)  
Dolomite is a line stone cantains equal quantities of carbonate of lime and magnesia.

Pawar Vishwajeet Shriniwas said: (Jan 11, 2019)  
The correct answer is dolomite.

Ajay Bhise said: (May 16, 2019)  
According to me, the correct answer is dolomite.

Raaj said: (Oct 28, 2020)  
Dolomite and gypsum both present.

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