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A pug mill is used for

[A]. softening brick earth
[B]. moulding brick earth
[C]. tempering brick earth
[D]. providing brick earth
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

P.Subash said: (Oct 14, 2014)  
What is meant by pug and tempering?

Polisetty Chaitanya said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
Basically pug mill is used for the preparation of clay.

Aman said: (Nov 27, 2015)  
Yes pug mill is used for the preparation clay.

Raj said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
Because tempering means strengthing by mixing earth gets strength.

Amit Ami Sharma said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
Pug mill is the machine used for tempering brick earth.

Prabhu said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Why not option B?

Likhith said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
What is tempering? Explain.

Dhiraj Gupta said: (Apr 23, 2017)  
Tempering is the right answer.

Surendra S Dangi said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Tempering is a Process improve the hardness and elasticity of Clay.

Rabindra said: (Jan 1, 2018)  
Actually, tempering is the process of kneading of soil either by feet or pug mill.

Pushap said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
It is used for clay preparation.

Amar said: (Nov 14, 2018)  
For manufacturing good brick, tempering is done in pug mills and this operation is called pugging.

Chandru said: (Nov 20, 2018)  
Tempering means preparing brick earth to make moulds by heating and cooling.

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