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Sewer pipes are made of

[A]. earthen ware
[B]. stone ware
[C]. refractory clay
[D]. terracota
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Ravi Mehta said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
Stoneware pipes are made of clay.

Stone ware pipes are corrosion resistance.

The Stoneware pipes are manufactured by a process by firing & baking at 11000c and later on proceed for salt treatment and finally left in space for curing.

Sangeetha said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
Thank you sir, this explanation really good.

Ahathiya .S said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Thanks for explaining the answer @Ravi Mehta.

Adil Khan said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Why Sewer pipes are made of stone ware not from others?

Priya Nair said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Thank you for explaining.

Bohemia said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
Sewage (not fresh) is acidic in nature and is composed of nearly 99% water.

Therefore, Stoneware is best suitable to avoid the acid attack and water percolation.

Anomie said: (Aug 17, 2019)  
Thanks all for explaining the concept.

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