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Second class bricks

[A]. are of dark brown colour
[B]. produce a metallic sound when struck
[C]. are well burnt
[D]. are under burnt.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Balcoh said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
"produce a metallic sound when struck" - Resembles first class brick.

So, A should be the right answer.

Sank said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
I think D is the answer.

Pramay said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
A is the correct answer. Agree @Balcoh.

Daljeet Singh said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
I think the answer is A. Because 1st class Brick has Matelic sound.

Dev said: (Dec 30, 2016)  
B is right, I agree.

Akki said: (Apr 17, 2017)  
They are used where plaster is to be done so it should produce mettalic sound.

Akshay Ms said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Option a b c are the property of class a brick D is the right answer.

Jiren said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Specification of Second Class Bricks.

They shall be well burnt or slightly over burnt.
They must give clear ringing sound when struck.

Saifullah said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
D is right.

Amit said: (Nov 23, 2017)  

I think you have bunked your classes.

Anissa said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
As per my knowledge B is right.

Jana said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
Under burnt is the correct answer.

Lokesh said: (Jan 30, 2018)  
I think d is correct answer Because well burnt and metallic sound came after struck and are well burnt are the property of first-class brick so d is the correct answer.

Ashu said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
These are also fully burnt and give a clear ringing sound when struck together. Slightly irregularities in shape, size or color are accepted.

Its compressive strength shall not be less than 70 kg/cm2 and absorption value should not be greater than 22 percent when soaked for 24 hours in water.

Slight difference in the structure on fractured surfaces is admissible.

Use: For exterior work when plastering is to be done. And can also be used for interior works but they may not be used for flooring.

Note : under burnt brick is 3rd class brick.

Virender Paul said: (May 9, 2018)  
What will the correct answer? anybody explain it.

John said: (May 28, 2018)  
The answer should be D, the metallic ringing sound is for the first class brick.

Manish Thakur said: (Jun 11, 2018)  
B option is Correct.

First class and Second Class, both produce metallic ringing sound because of hardness property.

Second class brick is slightly over burnt.

Dark brown/bluish colour is of Jahma bricks.

Amit Mishra said: (Sep 14, 2018)  
I think the answer is C because 1st and 2nd class bricks are well burnt.

Khushi said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
I think given option is correct because in first class brick give Clear metallic sound when struck with each other.

Manojkumar said: (Aug 3, 2019)  
I think Option D is correct.

Nitesh B.P.D said: (Apr 13, 2020)  
D is the right answer. I too agree.

Elio said: (May 17, 2020)  
1st- gives metallic sound.
2nd- slightly over burnt or well burnt.
3rd- underburnt.

Jahma - Dark brown colour.

Abdulmajid said: (Mar 29, 2021)  
First-class brick produces metallic sound and 2nd class brick produce full sound according to my concept D is the correct answer.

Abinash said: (Aug 5, 2021)  
D is absolutely wrong. 2nd class brick is slightly over burnt. So, option A is the correct answer.

Hamza said: (Aug 25, 2021)  
A class bricks produce metallic sound.
B class bricks are over burnt.
c class bricks are under burnt.

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