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A bull nose brick is not used for
rounding off sharp corners
decoration purpose
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Bilal said:   3 years ago
Bullnose bricks are used for aesthetics and thus can not be used in parts which are subjected to heavy loads. So, the correct answer is pillars (B).

Pawan Mathur said:   3 years ago
The bullnose brick used for rounding of a sharp corner.

Reeshu Ahirwar said:   3 years ago
The Correct answer is A.

ANIMI NAVEEN CHANDERRAO said:   4 years ago
The correct answer is A.

Haide said:   4 years ago
D is correct because arches require standard brick whose compression is 100kg/cm2 and bullnose had minimum in the area as an area of brick decrease compression decreases.

Manisha said:   4 years ago
Bullnose bricks can be used in pillars. So the correct one is Arches here.

Praveen Naik said:   5 years ago
Option D is the right answer.

Ramvir said:   5 years ago
Please explain the correct answer.

Ranveer sidhu said:   5 years ago
Given Answer is correct because bullnose brick in arches only one side will be rounded leading to the unaesthetic structure.

Krishna Kumar said:   6 years ago
I think Option B is the right answer.

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