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The minimum compressive strength of 1st class bricks should be
75 kg/cm2
90 kg/cm2
100 kg/cm2
120 kg/cm2
130 kg/cm2.
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Rayeee said:   2 years ago
How we can check compressive strength of brick in compression machine whose reading is in kn? Can anyone tell me?

Ritesh said:   3 years ago
You are right, thanks @Vinita.

Vinita said:   3 years ago
Minimum compressive strength of 1st class brick is 105 kg/sq. Cm, 2nd class brick is 70 kg/sq. Cm and 3rd class brick is 35 kg/sq. Cm.

Aniket gavade said:   4 years ago
It's 105 kg/sq.Cm.

Suman Mondal said:   5 years ago
It is 105 kg/cm2.

Ramesh said:   5 years ago
The maximum compressive strength of brick 1class brick.

Siddharth said:   5 years ago
I think it is 105 kg per cm2.

Jagnarayan Kumar said:   6 years ago
The compressive strength of sandstone is how much?

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