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For filling cracks in masonry structures, the type of bitumen used, is
cut-back bitumen
blown bitumen
plastic bitumen.
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Normal practice is to heat bitumen to reduce its viscosity. In some situations, preference is given to use liquid binders such as cutback bitumen. In cutback bitumen suitable solvent is used to lower the viscosity of the bitumen. From the environmental point of view also cutback bitumen is preferred. The solvent from the bituminous material will evaporate and the bitumen will bind the aggregate. Cutback bitumen is used for cold weather bituminous road construction and maintenance. The distillates used for the preparation of cutback bitumen are naphtha, kerosene, diesel oil, and furnace oil. There are different types of cutback bitumen like rapid curing (RC) , medium curing (MC) , and slow curing (SC). RC is recommended for surface dressing and patchwork. MC is recommended for premix with less quantity of fine aggregates. SC is used for premix with the appreciable quantity of fine aggregates.

Sumon said:   4 years ago
Epoxy resins are used in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics, paints, coatings, primers and sealers, flooring and other products and materials that are used in building and construction applications. Epoxies are thermoset plastics made by the reaction of two or more industrial chemical compounds.

Laxmikanth said:   4 years ago
What about Epoxy resin? Could anyone explain please.

Vivek sharma said:   5 years ago
Plastic bitumin is applied on walls where as cut back bitumin is used for road works.

Shaz said:   5 years ago
Plastic bitumen is easy to apply, its actually a mixture of cement and bitumen.

Suhail said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Neelkanth.

Neelkanth said:   6 years ago
For roads maintenance cut back bitumen and for building maintenance plastic bitumen is used.

Soumya said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Amit.

Umesh said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Krishna.

Kiccha said:   6 years ago
@Kr Sheela.

Cutback bitumen is used for cold weather bituminous road construction and maintenance.

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