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Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

[A]. Plastics are chemical resistant
[B]. Plastics are durable
[C]. Plastics are ductile
[D]. Plastics are excellent electric insulators.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Prem said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
Option B is right.

Rohan said: (May 9, 2018)  
I think Option D is correct option.

Swapnil Raut said: (May 9, 2018)  
Explain how B is right?

Vikas Sharma said: (Sep 18, 2018)  
The answer is wrong.

The property to covert in the wire is ductility.

Although that may or may not as depends on property and structure.

Answer B correct.

Gautam Nesarikar said: (Nov 19, 2018)  
Yeah, plastics can be converted to the wire. So ductility is possible.

But, also plastic is a good insulator. So both are correct.

Vijay Jaiswal said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
Plastics are Ductile, Durable and also Good Insulators but less resistant to chemicals, so option A is correct.

Shashwat Singh said: (Nov 23, 2019)  
Question is asking incorrect statement. So all option are correct except option A. So correct answer should be A.

Sudarshan said: (Apr 10, 2020)  
Answer is absolutely right. Not all the plastics are ductile. Thermosetting plastics are brittle in nature.

Amitbhaskar Bhaskar said: (Oct 16, 2020)  
A is the right option.

Swain Lipan said: (Jan 4, 2021)  
Answer D is correct.

Ram said: (Jan 23, 2021)  
Option A is correct.

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