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In arches, stratified stones are placed so that their planes are

[A]. parallel
[B]. perpendicular
[C]. radial
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Maxi said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
I want clear explanation, Anybody know about it?

Gouti said: (Apr 17, 2017)  
Why not parallel?

Hariprem said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
What is the meaning of stratified stones?

Madhavan J said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
In arches! Stratified rockz are arranged in vertical. Stratified stones are obtained from sedimentary classification.

Love said: (Oct 30, 2017)  
Arches are in circular hence. It is radial.

Amit said: (Jan 22, 2019)  
In my opinion, It should be parallel.

Aarti said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
The answer is correct!

Vertical in case of cornices and in case of stonewall it is horizontal. So in arches, it is radial.

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