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For sanitary pipes and chemical stonewares,

[A]. salt glazing is used
[B]. lead glazing is used
[C]. opaque glazing is used
[D]. None of these.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ravimehta said: (Dec 19, 2017)  
What is salt glazing?

Garry said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
For sanitary pipes salt glazing is commonly used glazing.

Kr.Sheela said: (Apr 7, 2018)  
Why salt glazing is preferred?

Majeed said: (Mar 4, 2020)  
Salt glazing.

The wet salt is vaporized and the vapor formed is of sticky nature. This salt vapor forms a glass-like layer on the surface of a clay product. The salt glazing generally produces brownish color on the product. Stoneware products, sanitary pipes, etc are glazed by this method.

How do you make salt glaze for pottery?

When salt-glazing pottery, unglazed wares are placed in the kiln and heated to a very high temperature. At that point, salt is thrown into the hot kiln; the salt vaporizes, fuming throughout the kiln interior, and combines with the clay of the pottery, forming a natural glaze on all the pots.

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