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Pick up the rock which is not a sedimentary rock from the following:

[A]. gravel
[B]. sand stone
[C]. gypsum
[D]. dolerite
[E]. lignite.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Tushar Patel said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Sand stone is the right answer.

Pooja Nikum said: (Feb 20, 2017)  
Dolerite is a Igneous (hypabyssal) rock and rest are sedimentary rocks.

Neeraj Kumar said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
Dolerite is igneous rock.

Adnan Guru said: (Apr 30, 2017)  
Why not lignite?

Vasantha Devi said: (May 30, 2017)  
Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is a soft brown combustible sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat. It is considered the lowest rank of coal due to its relatively low heat content. It has a carbon content around 60-70 percent. So dolerite is correct answer.

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