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Vanadium steel is generally used for
railway switches and crossing
bearing balls
axles and springs.
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Bhavisya dahal said:   5 months ago
Rail and crossing: Carbon steel.
Ball bearing: Chrome steel.
Magnet: Ferritic stainless steel.
Axle and spring: Vandium steel.

James said:   3 years ago
Chromium-vanadium steel (symbol Cr-V or CrV; 6000-series SAE steel grades) is a group of steel alloys incorporating carbon (0.50%) , manganese (0.70-0. 90%) , silicon (0.30%) , chromium (0.80-1. 10%) , and vanadium (0.18%). Some forms can be used as high-speed steel. Chromium and vanadium both make the steel more hardenable.

Girish said:   5 years ago
Thank you for description.

Pks said:   10 years ago
Thanks for it, and also tell me about that how much % of carbon are use on it? Is this steel are free from carbon?

Panezai said:   10 years ago
The considerable increase of strength in steel containing small amounts of vanadium, Vanadium forms stable nitrides and carbides, resulting in a significant increase in the strength of the steel. Vanadium steel is used in axles, bicycle frames, crankshafts, gears, and other critical components.

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