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Wrought iron contains carbon upto
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Ravichandra said:   2 weeks ago
Wrought iron is a form of commercial iron containing less than 0.10% of carbon. Less than 0.25% of impurities like Sulphur, Phosphorus, Silicon, and Manganese.

V deepa said:   2 months ago
Very good, Thanks all for giving explanations.

Deepa said:   2 months ago
Well Said. Thanks all.

Jyoshna said:   2 months ago
Wrought iron contains less than 0.10% of carbon, less than 0.25% of sulphur, silicon, and manganese impurities, and less than 2% slag by weight.

Kashinath bhadra said:   4 months ago
Wrought iron is the purest form of iron where 99.5% is iron substance. It is the hardest form of any iron substance. If the carbon percentage is increased then the iron hardness form will be decreased.

Shyam Mankar said:   1 year ago
wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content (less than 0.08%).

Arindam Dey said:   2 years ago
Wrought iron - where is it used?

Anyone, please give me the details.

Ainny said:   2 years ago
What is the difference between cast and wrought iron?

Somali said:   3 years ago
Wrought iron contains 0.15% carbon.

Devendra singh said:   4 years ago
It should be 0.15%, as it is the maximum limit.

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