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The commonly used colour pigment in paints, is

[A]. ambers
[B]. carbon black
[C]. iron oxide
[D]. lamp black
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Sourabh said: (Jun 25, 2015)  
What is pigment?

Chinmai Kishore said: (Sep 9, 2015)  
A pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. This physical process differs from fluorescence, phosphorescence, and other forms of luminescence, in which a material emits light.

Chaitnay Attri said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
But iron oxide is the base, is it shows a dual nature in the paint.

Vinod Kumar Meena said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
Zinc oxide - white color.
Copper sulphate - green color.
Indigo - blue color.
Burnt umber - brown color.

Santanu Acharya said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
What is amber?

Param said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
Cobalt is also used for blue colour.

Hannanur Rahaman said: (Oct 31, 2018)  
The color Amber is a yellowish-orange color.

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